About My Style

I like to think of myself as a Lifestyle Photographer. I work best when I'm going with the natural flow of things. I love shooting in natural light, so you wont see me shooting with a flash very often. That doesn't mean that I can't shoot in dimly lit or dark places. In fact it seems like I always end up shooting in, not necessarily the best of light conditions. I shoot in a lot of bars, dark churches, and people's homes. I bring external lighting sources to help me out. I think a flash has a tendancy to cast a very harsh light onto skin, so I often try to avoid it. You may see me moving lamps around or bouncing my flash off of walls to get the look I want.

When I shoot dogs, I do not attempt to pose them. I find that just following a pet around and waiting for them to calm down naturally, and relax around me yields the best shots. If I try to hold a treat next to my camera and wait, Im going to get the same shot over and over again, without much fun or interest behind it. Patience is key, and they always come around.


Will I shoot a family portrait with you and your dog? If I think it will work. Sometimes I get lucky and the universe aligns just so and I'll decide to pose my clients. I much prefer candid style portraits. No Walmart Portrait Studio look here.