About Me

Hey there! I'm Amy. I am a photographer and web designer. Among other things I am a dog lover, green thumb, Star Wars fan and Simpson's Lego collector.

I'm from Baltimore, Maryland but I am currenty living in Charleston, South Carolina.

 On the rare occasions that I am not sitting in front of a computer, you can find me hiking with my dog, tearing it up on my mountain bike, and taking road trips up and down the east coast. I would always rather be outdoors than indoors. When I take pictures I use a Canon. But I've lso been known to shoot with a plastic Holga, a Polaroid 1200, or sometimes when I'm feeling saucy a Lomo Fish Eye. This thing I'm typing on is a MacBook Pro, I am an Apple fan. 

I also love working on teams and collaborating. I also talk with my hands too much. 


How do I get inspired?

I love Instagram and I don't care who knows it!